About Us

We proudly present Agape Nursing Home, the first privately built, high end care facility for the elderly in Belgrade, Serbia, located in a peaceful and quiet quarter of the city, Zaplanjska 86G of Voždovac.

Our facility offers the best of care and service for up to 52 residents.

From care, hygiene, and nutrition to medical services, occupational therapy, and active social interaction, all is provided for as to extend high-end services to our clients in order for them to feel, safe, comfortable, and well-taken care of.

Our clients are cared for by experienced staff consisting of Social Workers, General Physicians, Physiotherapists, medical technicians, nurses, caregivers, and other dedicated staff whose concern is the health, comfort, and well-being of our clients.

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Nursing Home Agape is licensed by the Serbian Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (022-02-00021/2010-19) as well as the Serbian Ministry of Health (53-00-00040/2012-07)