Nursing home „Agape“, Belgrade, Tel: +381 11 3961-848


The best of medical care and attention along with comfortable accommodation


Specialists at Agape are here to offer our clients the utmost in care.

Under the supervision of nutritionists, our cafeteria prepares three hot meals a day and two snacks. We also separately offer meals for those clients who have special dietary needs due to medical or religious requirements.

Our social workers create group and individual activities and organize events, such as holiday celebrations, birthdays, games, craft therapy, and other leisure time activities; to put it succinctly, we offer an entertaining, leisurely life for our clients.  Our social workers are also always there for our clients, actively conversing and interacting, as to make sure our clients never feel lonely or separated.

Our institution places special emphasis on the quality of medical services which we provide (encompassed in a nursing home environment) and that are conducted and monitored by our team of highly trained physicians and medical staff, from our clients’ entry through the duration of their stay.

Our services include monitoring blood pressure, blood sugar, body temperature, EKG, distribution and administration of medicines, intravenous therapy, treatment of pressure of sores, catheter administration, and all other common needed medical treatments and services that may arise in elderly clients. For all other specialist services, under the supervision of our own medical team, specialists are called upon and transport to medical facilities as indicated and is organized. Our clients are also safe and secure as emergency services are always on call.  In addition, our institution offers its clients physical therapy and medical massages as well.