Nursing home „Agape“, Belgrade, Tel: +381 11 3961-848
“Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do, but how much love we put in that action.” - Mother Teresa

Nursing Home „Agape“


Agape is proudly the first privately built, high-end nursing home for the elderly in Belgrade, Serbia. Located in Vozdovac, it resides in a peaceful and quiet area of the city. Agape pays special attention to the quality of its medical care, run by a team of highly skilled physicians and medical staff that review our clients’ health from their entrance evaluation throughout the stay of their care.

Our clients are taken care of by highly experienced staff consisting of Social Workers, General Physicians, Physiotherapists, Medical Technicians, Nurses, Caregivers, and other dedicated staff whose chief concern is the health, comfort, and wellbeing of our clients. Among other amenities, our rooms and apartments come fully equipped with bathrooms, cable television, telephones, SOS call buttons.

Our nursing home is also designed for those who have special mobility needs in mind, as well as those who may need more than a helping hand when carrying out their daily activities (active seniors).

In addition, on our premises there is a well-maintained garden and spacious patio where our clients can enjoy rest and relaxation.

Why Chose Agape?

First privately built nursing home facility in Belgrade

All clients receive the best medical care and protection

First-class accommodation and maximum comfort according to client needs

Individual and group social and leisure activities

Licensed by the Serbian ministry of Labour and Social Affairs as well as the Serbian Ministry of Health

Located in a quiet semi-urban area surrounded by greenery



We proudly present Agape Nursing Home, the first privately built, high end care facility for the elderly in Belgrade, Serbia, located in a peaceful and quiet quarter of the city, Zaplanjska 86G of Vozdovac. Our facility offers the best of care and service for up to 52 residents...

Testimonials of our clients

"Večernje novosti" - article

“Mirna starost u domu, ali uz licencu

Usluge najstarijima, prema podacima Ministarstva za rad, pruža oko 200 domova od čega je 40 državnih. Pre nego što odluče, moraju da obiđu i do 50 objekata. Još 15 ustanova čeka na dozvole.”